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30 shooting ideas for travel photography

Idea is the different in each photo, with your own feel of the life by your eyes you can create new interesting travel photography during your travel

Following are the 30 shooting ideas for travel photography

30 shooting ideas for travel photography

1. Frame your subject/scene (đóng khung chủ thể)
        A. Arches (mái vòm)
        B. Windows
        C. Door frames
        D. Anything!!

2. Perfect reflections (soi bóng)
        A. Glass
        B. Water

3. Imperfect reflections e.g. abstract reflections from shiny surface

4. Double exposure effect where something interesting on both sides of a window (hiệu ứng chồng ảnh)

5. Find highest viewpoint in area for aerial/elevated view

6. Photograph from directly above – while at ground level

7. Look up at subject

8. Photograph from ground level – i.e. 1 inch from the ground (3 cm)

9. Focus on colours – 1 colour or complimentary colours or subtle shades (1 màu hoặc các màu bổ sung hoặc các sắc thái tinh tế)

10. Look for repeating patterns/subjects

11. Shapes

12. Symmetry (Đối xứng)

13. Textures (Kết cấu)

14. Fill the frame – still needs shape/composition

15. Scale – small subject in large landscape (co dãn - chủ thể nhỏ trong cảnh quan lớn)

16. Silhouettes

17. Leading lines into the frame

18. Get close….closer….closer…closer

19. Really wide angle close up with something contextual in the background

20. Shadows (chụp bóng đổ, thường sáng hoặc chiều, bóng gấp đôi chiều cao chủ thể để có ánh sáng tốt)

21. Photograph into the sun
        A. Sun stars by placing on edge of item in the scene
        B. Flare – different feel by placing sun…
        C. Just out of the frame
        D. On edge of the frame
        E. Just in the frame
        F. Place sun directly behind subject – silhouettes

22. Hands
        A. Holding something
        B. Doing something

23. Motion using slow shutter speed
        A. Panning
                i. From side
                ii. From in front
                iii. Following from behind

        B. Subject blurred, scene sharp

        C. Photograph from transport with motion in foreground

24. Get close to action
        A. People – feels like you are a part of the scene
        B. Water in landscape – creates energy

25. Look for pairs or threes

26. Stars
        A. Star trails
        B. Behind silhouette of very distinct shape
        C. As part of landscape – focus doesn’t have to be the stars

27. Very long exposure during day – 5 minutes+

28. Long exposure/slow shutter speed with water – suggested shutter speeds are VERY vague as it is very dependent on the scene, type/quantity of water and how quickly it is moving.
        A. Very long (4s+) – milky effect
        B. Medium (1s to 4s) – more directional motion/patterns in rivers and as waves go in and out
        C. Slow-ish shutter speed (1/4s to 1s) – burst/splash from crashing waves visible

29. Tell the story of a person
        A. Set scene
        B. Portrait of person
        C. Detail of action/context
        D. Focus on element of scene with person in background

30. Look up the times of sunrise, sunset and moonrise (best when on coast)

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