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Best shooting places for Hanoi photo walk

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake

Beyond what you’ve seen on the internet, the authentic Hanoi features its own beauty in every street corner. It’s best to collect moments of your exploration of Hanoian life through memorable photos. Then, if you’re a keen photographer, take a look at 6 must-visit places to capture the most awe-inspiring street photos of Hanoi.

Hanoi Train Street

The highlights of Hanoi Train Street lie at the intersection between the North-South railway and some striking streets, including Tran Phu, Phung Hung, Kham Thien, and Le Duan Street. Rising popular from Instagram posts, distinctive images of Hanoi Train Street surrounded by residential buildings will amaze you with organized chaos. It’s surprising how the locals could risk their lives with frequent passing trains every day. The daily activities are engaged in the railways at the middle of train street and two narrow sides offering kids’ playgrounds and culinary places.

To get away from bustling streets, you should better soak up the beautiful peace nestled in this hidden spot. If you want to take impressive photographs, it’s highly recommended to get there around 10am or 3 pm to avoid the crowds and train time schedule. However, capturing moments of the coming train is dangerous but worthwhile for adventurous people.

Long Bien Bridge

Constructed between 1899 and 1902 by the father of the Eiffel Tower, Long Bien Bridge is not only a historic witness but also a charming attraction to get deeper insights into Hanoi. The fresh air and panoramic overview will give you the most wonderful photo shooting than ever.

A long walk on both sides offers plenty of local concepts like the tranquil Red River and seasonal flower gardens on one side; and the vibrant wholesale market on the other. It’s greatest to come there at sunset or sunrise, wander around the railways and take catchy photos of authentic Hanoi life.

If you’re a bit lazy, there’s a café called Serein, overlooking the bridge and nearby region. It sounds fabulous to sit down, sip a cup of cool drink and feel the true taste of Hanoi.

Phung Hung Mural Street

Phung Hung Mural Street is established under a contemporary art project of Vietnam and South Korea. There are wall paintings that recall memories of Hanoi's old features such as Hang Ma Street, Mid-Autumn Festival, the ancient Trang Tien Department Store, Long Bien Bridge, street images of flower vendors, a schoolgirl on her way to school, and more.

This is either a recreational place or a cultural space for city dwellers and travelers to explore the heritages of Hanoi. Walking along the 200-meter street wall, you’ll see the contemporary art exquisitely depicting 3D paintings with multitude of inspirational photo ideas.

West Lake Hanoi

Known as the largest freshwater lake of Hanoi, West Lake has a perimeter of 17km and covers an area of 500 hectares. This is a landmark visitors usually come for historic interests, peaceful scenery and splendid hotels and restaurants nearby. Despite its lively nightlife, the best time to capture the beauty of West Lake is at breaking dawn or twilight. The sunset and sunrise moments offer the most stunning photographs of West Lake, where you can take daily photos of the locals doing exercise or taking a stroll around the lakeside.

Additionally, West Lake is home to Tran Quoc Pagoda, a cultural symbol of Vietnamese Buddhism and Quan Thanh Temple - one of Hanoi’s ancient four sacred temples. You should combine your sightseeing with these highlighted attractions to inspire your photography trip.

There’re numerous hotels, coffees, restaurants and bars overlooking the panorama of West Lake. Find a rooftop place and take a rest in a fresh atmosphere and comfortable tranquility.

Hanoi Old Quarter

Considered as an elegant destination you should never miss, Hanoi Old Quarter is a convergence of the finest belonging to a one-thousand-year-old capital city.

Set the luxury buildings and skyscrapers aside, you’ll find the treasured value in ancient tiny houses, street vendors, Hanoi specialties, and vibrant walking streets

Hanoi Old Quarter inspires photographers with plenty of iconic beauty spots such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, Dong Xuan Market, and beautiful streets like Ta Hien, Hang Ma, etc. Each sight has its own charm that has drawn thousands of tourists’ attractions.

Quang Ba Flower Market

Maybe you’ve got familiar with the photos of street vendors wheeling bicycles laden with fresh-cut flowers. Why don’t you take a beautiful early morning adventure at Hanoi’s main marketplace for fresh-cut flowers? Besides purchasing purposes, Quang Ba flower market is an attraction for taking photographs and soaking up the atmosphere.

Unlike the graceful flower shops in Western cities, Quang Ba flower market has its own hectic, bustling atmosphere and a beautiful balance of beauty and craziness. The morning market welcomes visitors from midnight to around 6 am, but most people miss out on the liveliest time between 2 am and 4 am.

Come discover the authentic Asia market and get the uniquely memorable things to do in Hanoi. Not only a business, but Quang Ba flower market also features a way of life and a community indicating the most wonderful and buzzing experience in Hanoi.

Here are some suggested inspirational ideas to take the most appealing street photos in Hanoi. Let’s pack your camera and your eagerness for an authentic photography experience with our Hanoi package tours.

Phan Dinh Phung Street

Phan Dinh Phung Street is famous for two rows of dracontomelon trees along the pavement. Being the most romantic road in Hanoi, Phan Dinh Phung road attracts many tourists to visit. They can not only admire the historical buildings such as Imperial Citadel Of Thang Long, the old French Villa, etc. but also are immersed in a truly green and yellow space. About 1.5 km in length, Phan Dinh Phung stretches from Mai Xuan Thuong Street to Hang Cot Street. This is the road that has one of the widest sidewalks in Hanoi. Dracontomelon leaf fall season brings many beautiful nostalgic feelings about the school years.

Wandering the street, you can encounter the street hawker selling seasonal flowers. The cherry blossoms signal the spring, lilies represent the beginning of April, lotuses remind to the summer, yellow daisies when the autumn comes and chrysanthemum robins symbolize winter.

Kim Ma Street

Kim Ma Street with a length of about 2570m starts from Nguyen Thai Hoc Street and runs along To Lich River. Two sides of this street are extremely ideal for wedding photography with rivers and parallel large marshes.

Recently, Kim Ma road named as one of the most beautiful roads in Hanoi attracted a lot of people coming to take pictures, especially to couples wanting romantic wedding photographs. Rows of perennial plants are arranged evenly on the roadside, in the middle of the road is paved in red brick. Therefore, the image of Kim Ma Road is commented as beautiful as many love roads in Korean or Japanese films.

The transition between autumn and wintertime is the most beautiful moment of Kim Ma Street. The leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off, creating a layer of the yellow leaf as carpet. This “Love Road” is suitable to take wedding photos in late autumn to winter. Couples can also take pictures on holidays such as Christmas, Valentine... These are the moments it becomes more sparkling, twinkling with many bright lights decorated on the tree along the road.
3. Thanh Nien Road

Thanh Nien Road has long become the meeting point of couples to watch the sunset beside the windy lake. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and cleanest roads in the capital city with spacious roadways and rows of green trees on two sides of the pavement. Seen from above, Thanh Nien Road looks like a bridge covered with green trees.

Situated between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, Thanh Nien Road used to be a dam embanked in the early 17th century to keep fishes in Truc Bach Lake. Initially, its name was “Co Ngu” which is meaning holding tightly. It is nearly 1km, starts from Yen Phu slope to the Quan Thanh – Thuy Khue cross-road. From 1957 – 1959, after the contribution of the youth to build Co Ngu and many other larger and more beautiful buildings, President Ho Chi Minh suggested renaming Co Ngu to Thanh Nien to promote the contribution and efforts of the young generation. (Thanh Nien means the youth).

If it's nice out, consider heading up to the West Lake. Its endless beauty is one of Hanoi's most iconic features. Duck paddle boat on West Lake is a favorite entertaining service for couples having a chance to try after walking and feeling the romantic atmosphere on Thanh Nien Road.

On hot summer evenings, there are many summer houses and café on the sidewalk for the ones who want to cool hot temperature. Students and the young usually gather there to enjoy fresh cool drinks and sharing their interesting stories that happened in a day. On the cold winter days, the tea houses and café are even more crowded and full of people coming to enjoy cups of hot tea or espresso.

Hoan Kiem Lakeshore

Not a street but Hoan Kiem Lake shore is also a nice place to take a stroll around. Legendary Hoan Kiem Lake with the Turtle Tower and red color reflected by the lake’s water of Huc Bridge has always been an iconic image of Hanoi. The lakeshore is a very familiar place to anyone living in Hanoi. When someone talking about "bờ hồ" (lakeshore), you can understand it was the Hoan Kiem Lakeshore. A walk at Hoan Kiem Lake will open you to myriads of interesting sights and the locals’ way of living. It will be a precious experience if you wake up early and head to Hoan Kiem Lake, not only to enjoy fresh air but also to see Hanoian doing aerobic or taichi. The path running around the lake is also a place for citizens to gather to watch fireworks on the great festivals of the nation.

This article is not only for couples or newlyweds. It is for all who love romantic walks. Whether you want to undertake this alone, with a good friend of yours or with your special someone, that is totally up to you. And final advice for the gentlemen – to create the perfect atmosphere, buy your lady a flower! In Vietnam in general and in Hanoi specifically, flowers are not expensive at all, and it will definitely impress every woman! Let those moments in Hanoi be unforgettable!


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