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Interesting season for photography in vietnam

Photography tour in Vietnam is really interesting due to each season you will have difference chances to enjoy the photography during your travel

Vietnam is located in the southeast Asia with the tropical monsoon climate, the temperature normally from 25-35 c degree with 3260 km coastline from the north to south and most of people living near the beach so it make good chances for photography in Vietnam in any season

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Interesting season for photography in vietnam

Around Jan in the northern of Vietnam is the New Year Festival of H'Mong people, normally it is about 1 month before Tet holiday in Vietnam. The people of H'Mong will celebrate nearly one month for this festival, many activities of local people during this period and the highlight is Gầu Tao festival (Blessing festival) in the first 3 days of the festival). Also in this period in the farm of northern area, it is the blossom of plum and peach. It is a great chance to enjoy the photography the daily life of local people inside the blossom area. The famous destination for this event is located in Moc Chau, Son La

Around Feb in Vietnam normally including Tet Festival, a lunar new year in Vietnam, so travelling in this period is a good idea to discover the preparation of the local for their Tet. Best destination for travel this period is Mekong Delta. Most people living in Mekong delta are working as farmers, so Tet holiday is the time they relax and hope for the new harvest season

From Feb to Mar in the coastal of Vietnam, some rock on the beach have first moss season of the year. The famous shooting places are Co Thach in Binh Thuan, Hang Rai, My Hiep in Phan Rang and Bai Bang in Phu Yen. And the second moss season in the year is from Nov to Dec

From Mar to Aug in the coastal of Vietnam is the dry season, the weather is really hot and it is a ideal period of the farmer to make salt in the field. By using the heat of the sun, the famer lead sea water to the field and dry it to make salt, and it is great chance for daily life photography in Vietnam

From Mar to Apr in Vietnam is the peak season of travel due to basically this is the best season of the year to go out for travel. The weather is gentle not too hot and not too cold, no rain and less storm. From Mar to Apr you can go any where in Vietnam for travel or photography is great. Moreover this period the sky is very clear in Vietnam and this is your good chance to enjoy night photography such as Milkyway

From Sep to Oct normally this period is in the end of rain season in Vietnam, sometime it rain in the afternoon but this period is a great chance for photography in Mekong delta with the daily life with high level of water in the field, some cow racing festival in Mekong Delta in An Giang province. Also this period in the northern Vietnam is the yellow rice terrace with famous shooting place in Mu Cang Chai and Hoang Su Phi

From Oct to Nov is also the season of the blossom of Water Lily Flower. You can easy find the field of that flower in the Mekong delta in the region of Moc Hoa or Chau Doc. In the same time in northern Vietnam at Ha Giang province is the blossom of Tam Giac Mach flower

Nov is the season of Da Quy flower and Pink grass in Da Lat, it is a nice time to enjoy the cool weather of Da Lat

Now also the great time to visit Gia Lai province, located in the central highland of Vietnam. In November there is the festival of Da Quy flower in Chu Dang Ya old volcano 30 km from Pleiku city. It is nice to have photography of this volcano by drone and admire the beauty of the yellow Da Quy flower surround the way to Chu Dang Ya volcano

From Nov to Dec in the southern coastal Vietnam is the windy season, so if you like photography the big wave in the rock is your good chance. This period also the time for some sport event in the beach with kitesurfing. The best destination for this sport event located in Mui Ne and Phan Rang. Also in this period is the second moss season in the rock of southern coastal Vietnam


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