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Travel Vietnam in style of photographers


My name is An Bui, I have a strong passion of photography with 20-year experience in tourism field, I lead myself every Vietnam Photo Tours which I organize.


I think a successful photography trip needs to go in the right season, right time, right place and off course with the support of weather. Our updated photography travel guide in Vietnam.


Our Vietnam photo tours have a strong support of local professional photographer to create art photography. Join with us to explore more interesting itinerary with Vietnam professional photographer.

Art Photography Tour Vietnam

Photo Tour Departures

Vietnam is an ideal country for photographer who love landscape, people culture and handicraft village. From the north to the south there are a lot of activities at the handicraft villages. I think it is a great treasure for composing photography in Vietnam. Moreover, with more than 3000 km coastal, it was nice to enjoy photography along the coastal of Vietnam.  Vietnam photo tours  are designed and update frequently by our professional photographers. Come and enjoy with us!  I would like to invite you to join my group departure in 2024 or have your own private and unique photography tour in Vietnam .  Contact me at WhatsApp +84908618571 for more information PHOTO TOUR DEPARTURE VIETNAM ART PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR (FULLY BOOKING) Departures: 23 Feb - 6 Mar 2024 Join group tour: 1814 USD per photographer Vietnam art photo tour 2024 BEST OF VIETNAM ART PHOTO TOUR (2 SLOTS AVAILABLE) Departures: 30 Aug - 13 Sep

Chinese Pond Heron (Cò bợ, cò ma)

Chinese Pond Heron (Cò bợ, cò ma)

Bộ lông khi bay màu trắng loáng. Trong mùa sinh sản: Bộ lông pha trộn giữa màu đỏ thẫm, màu đá xanh da trời và màu trắng. Ngoài mùa sinh sản: Tương đối khó mô tả; lông màu nâu, cổ và ngực có viền sọc. Chỉ thấy được đôi cánh trắng khi bay. Chim non: Giống chim trưởng thành ngoài mùa sinh sản.

Conservation status: LC

An Bui 2012 Chau Doc

Vietnam bird photography tour

Chinese Pond Heron (Cò bợ, cò ma)

Chinese Pond Heron (Cò bợ, cò ma)