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An Bui Photo Tour
Dear Friends, my name is An Bui and I love adventures and nature photography

Thanks god that let me work in tourism field and then I have some close friends as professional photographers. Those wake my love of photography up and I wish to follow my destiny of travel and photography

My major is organizer of photography tour in Vietnam

Otherwise, I also work in inbound travel agency in Vietnam major on Vietnam package tour and hiking trekking Vietnam tour

Thanks and Best regards

An Bui

Photo Tour Vietnam


  • Mr. An Bui
  • Mobile / Zalo / WhatsApp: +84.908.618.571
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Shooting in the sand dune in Phan Rang
Shooting in the sand dune in Phan Rang

Shooting in the salt field near Nha Trang
Shooting in the salt field near Nha Trang

Shooting in the salt field of Nha Trang

Shooting in the salt field near Nha Trang

Shooting in the mausoleum Hue, in travel of Vietnam
Shooting in the mausoleum Hue, in travel of Vietnam

Shooting in Hoian ancient town
Shooting in Hoian ancient town

Shooting in Nui Chua national park, Phan Rang
Shooting in Nui Chua national park, Phan Rang


Can I bring other people on my photo tour?

Yes, for your private photo tour, you can invite and bring them with your group. Whether they are family, friends, or other photographers

The ideal number of photography tour is from 4 - 8 people. But It will be welcome if you group is more than that. For more information, please email us at

Sometime I open joining tour for local photographer, I also welcome you to join our group, number of passenger around 6 to 10 people on my joining photo tour

Is the photo tour similar to normal package tour for tourist in Vietnam?

My photo tour is mainly different and suitable for photographer or people love photography or people love to admire the beautiful landscape in the great time of lightning. So schedule and timing to transfer by car is very different to the normal tour for tourist, sometime we need to depart at 4 am, and back to hotel at 22 pm, lunch and dinner depend on the actual situation of the location. But if you are just a normal tourist, you will explore and understand the joyful of photographer when they join in photo tour with us

How is the basic belonging for the photo tour?

Firstly prepare as your normal tour but very light and convenient because sometime we need to walk for 1 or 2 km outdoor. Secondly you need a set of camera to capture the beautiful scene during your travel. For every long trip and special trip, I will send you detail information for your checklist.

What equipment should I bring?

For long exposure photography a tripod is will be useful. Anything else is up to you and what you want to shoot from the tour. If you have a polarizer, ND filters or a flash you can bring them along.

Depend on your photography set and the your comfortable carrying, you can bring anything you want and I suggest you to bring them all. But please read our itinerary carefully to have more information about walking distance with camera or what to shoot each day to prepare suitable photography set

Do I need a tripod?

A tripod is recommended for any of pho tours that operates at night time or early morning where we will shoot a type of long exposure photography or shooting with water fall. 

Can I join the tour if I do not have camera, I will shoot by phone camera?

If you only want to shoot by phone camera, it is also good, but it is good idea to have a new version of phone, so that you will have good quality of the picture

What happens if it rains?

If availability permits it, we can change the shooting place to indoor photography of the tour at no additional cost

Do you offer tours in other languages? 

All of our tours operate in English. Additionally we are happy to offer the tours in the following languages. Please contact us before to have additional tour guide with your language with French, German,  Italy and Chinese

How much experience of photography do I need?

Ideally, if you have a basic knowledge of photography is good for photography tour. If not never mind, we will have quick guide for photography before the first visiting. To make sure you have good photo back to home

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